Scott and Dayna Interviewed on TV

Dayna and Scott were invited on TV show “Back Page” with interviewer extraordinaire Jody Seay.

What is Back Page? In 2004, Jody came up with the big idea of having a TV program wherein she got to interview Oregon authors. The show is called BACK PAGE because sometimes, when you flip to the back page of a book, you can find out some scoop about the author, and maybe even a little about the motivation behind the story. Jody sits down each month and tapes interviews with some of the most interesting people and finds out more than they probably thought they were going to tell – not only about what they have written, but what they are working on now and, most importantly, why they do what they do at all!

Jody is a great interviewer and we were both excited and honored to be on her show. Click here to watch our episode on BACK PAGE talking about “Safety Under Construction”.

In fact, once she got us talking, she could hardly shut us up – and that has never happened before according to her producer.  Watch this lively interview, learn about construction safety, and we hope you have fun. We certainly did. Thank you, Jody!